What is ONE Tap?

ONE Tap is the easy and powerful way to track attendance at seminars, meetings, and special events for UAB employees and students. Using the features of the UAB ONE Card, users can collect key demographic information about their attendees using only a simple card reader - with or without a live internet connection.

Simple Event Creation

  • With ONE Tap, you can create your events with a variety of configurations to suit most every need - whether it's a one-time meeting, a multi-day training seminar with several different small group sessions, or even a semester-long course. Convenient, intuitive data input tools and on-board help make managing events a snap.

  • Also, since they're YOUR events, YOU get to control who has access to them. Plus, with flexible access types, you can limit how much access each user has to your events and reports.

Easy Attendance Recording

  • Use ONE Tap's Express Mode to capture ONE Card data quickly by tapping the card on a proximity reader, swiping it with a magnetic stripe reader, or scanning it with a barcode reader. Forgot your card? No problem! You can even enter a BlazerID manually.

  • With Full Mode, you still have the same convenient options to capture data - but you also get instant confirmation of the cardholder's identity from ONE Card data systems.

  • No internet connection? No worries! Use a mobile card reader to capture card swipes, and then upload the file to ONE Tap.

Hassle-Free Reporting

  • View your interactive roster reports online to find specific information about events and attendees quickly and easily with integrated searching and pagination features that allow you look deeper into your attendance records - even for large or complex events. The interface even provides an easy way to email an attendee for any followup needs.

  • Need to delve into the raw data from your event? Piece of cake! With just a couple of clicks, you can download all of the records from even the most complicated event in a convenient multi-page Excel workbook.

ONE Tap. You do your thing - let us worry about taking names.